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Unfaithful spouse

I'm Tempted To Be Unfaithful! What to Do?

You have a solid relationship with your spouse. Your sexual and emotional life are just fine, although perhaps not as steamy as it used to be. Now you have a routine, kids, financial responsibilities, in laws to deal with … For a while…

Can You Have a Good Relationship With Your Ex After Divorce?

Would you believe that there is a holiday to celebrate ex-husbands and ex-wives? Ex-Spouse’s Day is April 14, and the purpose of the day is to…remember the good times? Look on the bright side? See the glass half full? Bury the hatchet,…

How to Throw a Divorce Party

Divorce marks the end of a marriage but it’s also the beginning of a brand new chapter in your life—the culmination of a period of growth and self-discovery. More and more women are recognizing that this is a wonderful opportunity to wipe…
The Brighter Side of Divorce-MainPhoto

The Brighter Side of Divorce

When I was newly separated and looked for solace online, I seemed to find mostly articles letting me know that if I divorced, my kids would be scarred for life. They would suffer academically. They may end up in juvenile court. And…it was…

First Christmas After Divorce? How to Keep it Merry for the Kids

No matter how much you assure your children that you and your ex-husband still love them, the first post-divorce Christmas will be hard on you and even more difficult for your kids. You can make every effort to give them the best Christmas…

Does Traditional Marriage Still Make Sense?

When 45% of marriages end in divorce, something is amiss. Yet, even with this grim statistic, people still want to take the vows and believe in ‘Til Death Do Us Part. Maybe we should adapt to the times, make some changes, and rethink marriage.…

What to Do When Your Husband’s Ex Interferes

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 When I began dating a man with a cute, round-headed toddler, my concern was not that he already had a child. I didn’t mind that many of our dates consisted of taking his son to the park or shopping for new shoes.…

When Your Kids Have a Stepmom: Here’s How to Cope

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 After divorce, it is expected that both parties will go on with their lives, and this may include starting new relationships and possibly remarrying. Stepmoms have been demonized throughout history and through…

How to Introduce Your New Boyfriend to Your Children

So you’re in a new relationship and it’s going well—well enough to consider moving a step forward. It’s time to see if your new guy fits into your daily life and has a good vibe within your family. He’s got to pass muster with the…