Learning to accept differences



Obama, Equality, and Two Gay Moms From Barnard

This morning as we scrambled to get Luna off to school, there came a moment when the timeline of my life leapt into fast forward. I was carrying around an iPad turned to CNN, checking in to see what news awaited me at work, while Luna danced…

Similarities in French and Latino Parenting?

IF FRENCH IS THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE, WHAT’S THE LANGUAGE OF PARENTING? I must confess that I’ve always been a bit of a Francophile. First of all, there’s the food. Pain au chocolat? Don’t mind if I do! Then there’s French cinema;…

The Danger in Words for the GOP: Alienating Latino Voters?

As mothers, we know very well the old adage "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." We also know from consoling our little hijitos when they’ve come home from school after being made fun of, that nothing could…

Interview With Culture Clash's Rene Millan

I feel extremely fortunate to have been born in Southern California in the early 1970s. The hairstyles alone were unforgettable—my Tia Maria had a red afro! The children at my school not only received a bilingual education, but our teachers…

Sh*t White Girls Say to Latinas

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“You don’t look Spanish….” How many of us haven’t heard that one before? Christina Igaraividez’s spot-on montage of the blissfully ignorant comments so many Latinas endure on a daily basis is absolutely hilarious. Sharp satire is…