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Chile Primer Series I: Ancho, Guajillo, & Pasilla

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 Chiles, both dried and fresh, are the kings of Mexican cooking. They form the base of so many popular dishes: salsas (draped over enchiladas, drizzled on tacos), homestyle guisados (such as pork in green sauce), or special-occasion…
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Slow Cooker Sabor: Pork with Chile Verde

Salsa chile verde takes its name from three types of green chiles, which are combined with green tomatillos to make an olive-green sauce with a gently tart and spicy edge. Never overpowering, it’s a perfect match for the richness of the…

Halloween Recipe: Orange Fiery Salsa

Editor's Note: Looking for something spicy in a Halloween recipe? Look no further. The ghosts and goblins of Mamiverse have something to put in your cauldron...this salsa that really turns up the heat at your Halloween party! This creation…

Chicken in Tomato-Jalapeño Salsa

Editor’s Note:  It’s wonderful to have a recipe with adjustable heat since not everyone always goes for maximum spiciness. This is part of our Slow Cooker Sabor Series that will definitely put our slow cookers to good, slow, delicious…

Mango-Chile Paletas for Father's Day

Editor’s Note: Try this icy dessert for a cool, refreshing treat on Fathers Day. These mango-chile paletas burst with bright, juicy mango chunks, and lime zest. Spicy chile flakes speckle the frozen delight offering bursts of heat to counteract…

Holidays & Entertaining: Aaron Sanchez's Roasted Chile Arbol Salsa

ROASTED CHILE ARBOL SALSA Makes: 2 cups Ingredients 1 pound plum tomatoes (about 4) 3 to 8 chiles de arbol, depending on how spicy you like it 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 medium white onion, chopped 4 garlic cloves, crushed ½…
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Taste Sensations: Poblano & Jalapeño Chiles with Crema

I never thought that I would be stringing together the words "mild" and "chile" in the same sentence. And, no, I am not referring to some wimpy green bell pepper. I mean jalapeños, baby, and maybe habaneros or serranos, or any kind of chile…
GOYA-Mexican Mango Chili Ice Pops

Mexican Mango-Chili Ice Pops

Sweet & Spicy Mango Popsicles Sold in abundance by street vendors in Mexico, paletas, or ice pops, are one of the most refreshing ways of enjoying sweet, juicy fruit. One of the most popular flavor combinations: mango and chile. Here,…