When it’s so hot, humid, and hazy out that a short trip to the car or mailbox leaves you drenched in sweat, any attempt at style fabulosity seems completely out of the question. In the dog days of summer, just keeping limp tendrils of hair off your forehead and the back of your neck feels like a victory. Don’t let the heat get the best of you; it’s all about adaptation. With a bit of ingenuity, you can make the steaminess work for you and find your chic summer style while everyone else looks wilted.

Follow these easy tips to transform sticky, sweltering, and sweaty into sultry, tropical, and glowing.

Sunscreen is a must. If creams turn your face into an oil slick, try one of the mineral powder sunscreens like bareMinerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen ($28), which control the oil and act as a light foundation. Fantastic for blemish-prone skin.

Don’t Sweat It. Perspiration is healthy and necessary. Play up your dewy glow and let nature’s cooling system enhance your maquillage. Don’t even attempt an ultra matte look and forget about heavy foundation. It’s only a matter of time before cakey rivulets are running down your cheeks. Go for a light powder foundation with just a touch of shimmer. A dusting of bronzer try Lancome Star Bronzer ($33) adds a sun-kissed summery sheen.

Keep Your Cool! Staying Chic in the Sizzling Summer Heat

Keep it Natural. In the summer heat, smoky eyes can quickly melt into a raccoonish mess. Make your eyes pop with pretty pastel shades like baby pink, pale yellow, or coral shadows. A touch of waterproof liquid liner adds definition and stays put. Top it off with waterproof mascara Mary Kay’s Lash Love ($15) is fabulous! And you have a fresh, feminine eye that won’t rub off.

Don’t Pout. Lip stains and sheer lipsticks try Smashbox Limitless Lipstain ($23) or tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Stain ($24) imbue your lips with luscious color that won’t get gloppy. A light touch is key to keeping your lip color where it belongs.

Tame the Frizz. Summer can be one long bad hair day. Fight unruly frizz with a light, smoothing crème. Opt for relaxed ‘dos that keep your hair off your neck without trying to mold it into place. Extreme humidity is not the weather for attempting to tame curls into a smooth curtain—try a messy bun or a low ponytail with a few loose tendrils for face-framing femininity. This is also not the weather for forcing pin straight hair into a bouffant—make it work for you by pulling your hair into a tight ponytail or chignon. Dry shampoos like Umberto Dry Clean Dry ($8.99) are fantastic for restoring body to limp hair for a quick freshen-up. All that sun and fun is hard on your coif so, no matter what the texture, condition regularly to keep it silky and supple.

Go Bare. Wear light, natural fibers like cotton or linen that let the breeze through. Clingy fabrics or binding clothes only make you feel more uncomfortable. A bold pattern is the perfect camouflage for those pesky sweat stains (oh yes, we all get them).

And remember, the best thing you can wear—even when you’re wilting—is confidence!