Soldaderas: The Women of the Mexican Revolution

Astrologically-Speaking-10-Reasons-Cancer-Traits-Make-Them-Awesome-Lovers-Photo5While few names of Soldaderas exist, there is a classic corrido from the Mexican Revolution called, La Adelita. This famous song plays homage to all the Soldaderas, and tells the story of Adelita, who is in love with a sergeant, and he with her. Adelita is beautiful and brave; she has even earned the respect of the colonel. The song is a powerful ballad of love, bravery and patriotism.

These days, when you go to a Mexican restaurant, you might see a poster of a beautiful woman wearing a pair of ammunition belts across her chest, holding a bugle in one hand and the Mexican flag on the other, and smiling. That’s the popular version of La Adelita. She may be idealized, but she represents all the Soldaderas who fought in the Mexican Revolution.