While a family could tour the entire island of Puerto Rico in just a couple of days, we recommend slowing down and taking in La isla one little corner at a time. The hometown of reggaeton, salsa and the mystic Tahino natives is so diverse and rich, and offers so much amazing ecological and cultural wealth that all your family members will be engaged and entertained during their island vacation.

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We recently had the privilege to explore the east corner of the island, around Fajardo, the access point to some of the most amazing beaches in Puerto Rico such as Culebras y Vieques. It also has some islotes such as Palomino, Palominito and Icacos. If you are looking for a place to snorkel, be in the sun and enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Caribbean, look no further. Our base for exploration was the lovely El Conquistador Resort, a destination that could be a vacation in and of itself. But the surrounding area also has many perks for everyone in the family, and these are some of our favorite spots for every family member:

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For Mom: Mom really needs a couple of hours on her own to let go of all the coordinating, planning and balancing that having a both job and a family require. Maybe she needs to sweat it all out in a tailored TRX class or breathe it all in and out in a private ritual and meditation session with the view of the sea. If she really wants to take it to the next level, she can also book a massage with local oils or a full body treatment with mango, coconut or coffee to immerse herself completely in the tropical melange. The Waldorf Astoria Spa is a great place to start.

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For Dad: If Dad is a morning person, he is used to being on the go. Maybe he misses the outdoors but doesn’t remember the last time that he actually spent time outside without rushing. He has a few options: Fajardo has one of the biggest marinas in the Caribbean, so he can jumped on a sailboat and get his pirate spirit up. Or he can also grab the clubs and hit one of the most beautiful golf courses in the island, The Arthur Hills, where he can practice his game while enjoying the view of both ocean and rainforest.

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For kids: With their boundless energy and curiosity, kids of all ages will enjoy hiking and animal watching at Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve. You can book an educational tour with a friendly and knowledgeable guide who will take you through all the seven different ecosystems from the rainforest to the mangroves. The kids will also love to visit the lighthouse; one of the oldest in the island, it has preserved its colonial charm and spectacular views. At night, don’t forget to visit one of the few bioluminescent bays in the world, where you can rent kayaks and marvel at the water lighted by microorganisms.

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For teenagers: A wide range of watersports is available for younger spirits, but one of the most fun could be paddle yoga. First you swim out to take the paddleboard to an area with little waves and then it becomes a surface to try all sorts of yoga poses and discover the amazing abilities of your body.

Puerto Rico is easily accessible from the continental U.S. and is tourist- and family-friendly. So pack your bags and get ready for a fun and diverse vacation for the whole family.