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Crispy Oven-Fried Chicken: Healthy Chicken Cutlets

Feel good about eating crispy, oven-fried chicken with this healthy GOYA® recipe! First, soak chicken breasts in tangy buttermilk, garlic and GOYA® Adobo All-Purpose Seasoning with Pepper, to make it super tender and tasty. Then, dust it with a generous coating of ground almonds (high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat). As the chicken cooks in the […]


Early Puberty in Girls: Are Chemicals in Our Food to Blame?

I experienced early puberty. My breasts developed when I was 5 and my menstrual cycles began when I was 7. By age 9, I was fully grown to adult size. Back then in Puerto Rico, nobody could explain why I had an early development. However, I was not alone and in the ensuing years, the […]


Weekend Cooking: Chipotle Chicken Barley Soup

Editor’s Note: Here’s another wonderful installment in our series on Grains. My mami’s kitchen pantry was always well stocked. Beans, sopitas, chiles, and grains were her go-to staples for weekly meals. A pot of beans was always churning away on the stove alongside a caldo that simmered all day that would be served for dinner. […]


Childhood Sexual Development Guide

Although we may not like to think of our children as sexual beings, they are. Children are born with the equipment that will later make them able to reproduce. As such, their bodies have been designed to be sexual, and sexual development starts from the time of conception. It doesn’t all start when they hit […]


Tax Write-Offs for Writers: A Guide for Freelancers

Here’s a true story. Cynthia Hess—aka Chesty Love when she’s on stage as an exotic dancer—believed that if she had her breasts enlarged, she’d be more competitive in her profession and therefore make more money. So she went for it…big-time. She went up in bust size to fill a 56FF. But when she tried to […]


Chicken Recipe For Single Dads

At home we eat so much chicken that the kids just roll their eyes and complain, “Again?” They can complain all they want but they always devour it. And besides, chicken is easy on the wallet, especially if you stay away from processed chicken breasts or pre-cooked meals. As a matter of fact, one of […]


Pumping Breast Milk Doesn’t Have To Be So Bad

From my very first time, I hated my breast pump. I couldn’t stand sitting still, holding the flanges to my breasts, feeling my nipples pulled taut, hearing the motor’s swishing sound as the machine extracted as much milk from me as it could. It was so cold, so sterile, so uncomfortable. I hated it. Now, […]


10 Sexy Books for Women to Lust Over

With millions of women grabbing up copies of Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s as though E.L. James, a half-Chilean, married mami, invented the literary genre of women’s erotica. But consider these other sexy offerings, many of them penned by Hispanic writers. Put your fuzzy socks on, light that fireplace, get your Riesling, and ahem…open wide.


Why an Annual Checkup is So Important for Moms

As mothers juggle many responsibilities, we often forget to take care of ourselves. But moms cannot afford to get sick, and the best way to stay healthy is through prevention, early intervention, and management of chronic conditions. That’s why an annual checkup is so important. WHY CHECKUPS MATTER Dr. Stuart Pickell, internal medicine doctor and […]