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Top 5 Breast Pumps

I had the hardest time when I started breastfeeding my baby. Not because I didn’t have enough colostrum for him—quite the contrary—but because, as a first-time mom, I felt clumsy and frustrated every time I had to feed him. Was I doing it the right way? It turned out I wasn’t. Because I didn’t want […]


Sex Talk: When and How to Educate Your Kids

Sex talk with the kids is not an easy issue. You’re in the car with your kids listening to a pop station. Suddenly, the lyrics explode in your ears: And I know you be getting so horny Cause you be sending me texts Like boy just get your ass up in that car … “Mom, […]


A Tween Guide to Puberty

When children reach age 10 they are already on the verge of becoming adolescents. Tween boys and girls (pre-adolescents ages 9-12) will experience significant changes as puberty hits and parents need to discuss these changes with them. Physical, emotional, and social changes are all part of puberty which makes this developmental time fun, confusing, and […]


Chicken in Tomato-Jalapeño Salsa

Editor’s Note:  It’s wonderful to have a recipe with adjustable heat since not everyone always goes for maximum spiciness. This is part of our Slow Cooker Sabor Series that will definitely put our slow cookers to good, slow, delicious use!  An added plus…lots of extra sauce for those tortillas! This dish is traditionally made with […]


Acid Reflux Solution: Spanish Chicken & Rice

If my mother sees this recipe, I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do. It was a challenge to convey all the flavors of the traditional Cuban dish but keep the GERD* components at bay. Lighter and leaner than the original, this Spanish Chicken & Rice can go from start to finish in […]


Fabulous at 30: 5 Women Who Love Their Decade

Is age just a number, a frame of mind, an attitude, or all of the above? Whatever your thoughts are, we know that every decade brings something different with it. In this post, we hear from five women who are absolutely loving their 30s! VANESSA MAGALI ODEN, 37, TEACHER, ENTERTAINER AND MOM A multi-faceted Latina, […]


Healthy Recipes for a Quick Caribbean Cookout

Grill your way to good health with a Caribbean cookout! Toss boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a pineapple marinade, thread onto skewers and grill. Add them to a plate of Puerto Rican-style Pink Beans and Rice, featuring GOYA® Low Sodium Pink Beans, for a hearty entrée. For dessert grilled fresh fruit skewers and a glass of non-fat […]


Zarela’s Ensalada Girasol (Sunflower Salad)

This beautiful and tasty salad combines the great flavors of boiled chicken, smoky chipotle, and sweet mango.  It’s also wonderfully adaptable – as I’m sure you’ll discover (see note below).  For a nonmeat version, use your favorite leafy greens and toss them with the vinaigrette-marinated mango and/or jicama.  Garlic and chipotles (chiles) are the Latin […]