Whether you are dealing with a tough boss or a tough toddler, we all have days where we think, “I really deserve a break.” It’s time to consider some spa vacations and indulge in the ultimate form of relaxation—pamper, breathe, clear your mind, relax and repeat. It’s no secret that stress is bad for your health. The immediate effects are noticeably uncomfortable (an uneasy stomach, problems sleeping, sweating, adrenaline rush etc.) but the long-term effects can be equally damaging. According to the Mayo Clinic, chronic stress can lead to anxiety, depression, heart disease, weight gain and more. Which is exactly why you need to take a break from the chaos and give yourself the chance to unwind and relax. All together now: spa day!

Whether you go for a week or an hour, spa vacations can be just what you need to help you cope with the stress in your life, relax your mind, tend to your body’s ailments and truly take care of your own wellbeing. After all, relaxing can offer serious health perks. As Psychology Today reports, Dr. Herbert Benson, professor, author, cardiologist, and founder of Harvard’s Mind/Body Medical Institute, coined the term “relaxation response” and he argues that “one of the most valuable things we can do in life is to learn deep relaxation—making an effort to spend some time every day quieting our minds in order to create inner peace and better health.” And there’s no more luxurious way to achieve such relaxation than at a spa. Here are our top 10 picks for spas in the U.S., and while they might not be cheap, they are well worth the splurge.

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1. Canyon Ranch, 4 locations nationwide
With 4 locations across the country and at sea—Lenox, MA, Tucson, AZ, Las Vegas, NV and on select luxury cruise ships—Canyon Ranch has set the bar pretty high for a spa and wellness resort experience. It offers everything from massage treatments to cooking tutorials to nutrition seminars to fitness classes. You can consult with a wide range of experts on anything from sexual health to mindfulness, and you can get pampered 24/7.

2. Miraval Resort, Tucson, Arizona
Located on approximately 400 acres, this is one of the spa getaways you need in your life. Miraval promises to help guests appreciate the moment and achieve a life in balance during their stay and beyond. You’ll stay in luxury accommodations, enjoy delicious (and nutritious) cuisine and grow mentally and emotionally, in between one-of-a-kind spa treatments of course.

3. Remede Spa at St. Regis, Bal Harbour, Florida
This 14,000 square foot spa located at the St. Regis resort in Bal Harbour, Florida is modern, refined and completely luxurious. Every inch of the facility feels tranquil, from the welcome desk to the spa cabanas to the treatment rooms and showers. You will feel instantly at ease thanks to the exceptional spa treatments and the decor, all of which are inspired by the ocean (which happens to be just outside the spa doors).

4. L’Auberge Del Mar Resort & Spa, San Diego, California
This spa focuses on the healthiness powers of the ocean, which makes sense since it is located on the Pacific Ocean and includes an open-air relaxation area with a fire pit so you can enjoy the Southern California breeze and perfect weather (after your spa treatment of course).


5. Four Seasons Hualalai, Kona, Hawaii
This massive sprawling spa combines tropical gardens with beautiful interior settings, so no matter where you go or where you look, you feel instantly Zen. Because after a perfect massage what could be better than lounging in front of a waterfall while gazing at their Waiea garden. Plus, they use local Hawaiian ingredients for spa treatments, including black lava salt, hibiscus and crushed macadamia nuts.  This is one of the spa vacations you cant ignore.

6. Montage Deer Valley, Park City, Utah
This Utah resort is not just a dream vacation spot for skiers when winter rolls around—it’s also a perfect destination for anyone in need of major relaxation. This modern day oasis offers complete serenity so you can tend to your body’s needs and your mental health. This holistic-minded retreat offers everything from customized spa treatments to non-evasive anti-aging techniques and more.


7. The Peninsula New York, New York City, New York
If you’re in New York City, chances are you’re not exactly relaxed. The hustle and bustle of the city doesn’t usually make people think of a soothing experience. Which is exactly why you need an escape from the chaos in the midst of the urban action. The Peninsula Spa offers just that—complete with a glass-enclosed pool, spa therapies, spa cuisine and gorgeous city views. Well worth the big bucks for an award-winning spa experience.

8. Ruby Room, Chicago, Illinois
This unique spa isn’t on a sprawling resort or located in a hotel; it’s in a historic brownstone full of positive energy, soothing decor, healing services and magical spa treatments for a truly memorable experience. You can enjoy everything from a crystal lift facial chakra energy healing to pet healing and more.

9. Rescue Spa, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philly: the city of brotherly love, and apparently spa heaven as well. The Rescue Spa offers an integrative approach to skincare, all based on the belief that healthy glowing skin and that proper skincare is a lifestyle. Treatments are all aimed to help you care for your skin and achieve vitality, relaxation, health and beauty.

10. Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee
Located on a pastoral 9,200-acre estate in the Great Smoky Mountains, this resort offers nothing but luxury and charm to help you escape your hectic everyday life. The resort offers tons of action and adventure, from paint balling to fly-fishing to paddle boarding. But it also has one of the best and most peaceful spas in the country. All treatments are inspired by the region’s mountains, gardens and forests, and you can get everything from a manicure to healing herb and flower massage using farm fresh herbs and flowers for therapeutic purposes.