1. Braun Travel Alarm Clock ($29.65)
    This gift of time will allow your colleague to stay on schedule when her smartphone is out of battery or as extra back-up on the road, when she needs to be up for that early meeting.
  1. Fleece Heated Throw ($58.26)
    Do you have an office so chilly that it could serve as the backdrop for Frozen II? An electric blanket for that coworker who is always walking around with her coat on before it’s even November should be on every list of corporate gift ideas.
  1. C.H.I.M.P. Rearview Monitor Mirror ($9.95)
    All of us would like to know who is sneaking up behind us at our cubicles. Your coworker will love you for this gift and will turn around, get up to hug you, since she now sees you coming.