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I myself was chagrined to hear my aunt talk to the neighbors in a lingo that had little to do with the English language. When we went to downtown Pittsburgh, to a restaurant or shopping, I made desperate efforts to keep her mouth shut, lest waiters or salespeople would hear her disconcerting accent and grammar, which truly mortified me. The supermarket Giant Eagle was simply Chainigo to her.

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  1. Ida
    Ida says:

    I just had an issue like this with my step-daughter. Her mother is a Cuban immigrant that arrived here a couple years before my step-daughter was born. She has an accent when she speaks English. My step-daughter told her to go back to school and learn to speak English before talking to her. It really surprised me. I had along talk with her about immigrants and how hard it is to learn another language and she hasn’t mentioned it again. My parents are Cuban immigrants as well, with heavy accents, but it never bothered me. I guess you learn to live with it.

    • lorrainecladish
      lorrainecladish says:

      Thank you for commenting! I´m bilingual but I spent my youth abroad and now my kids correct my English pronunciation. Apparently I´ve been pronouncing Luther as in Martin Luther King wrong all my life, sigh. I´m so glad you talked to your stepdaughter. Yes, it´s really ok to have an accent. 😀


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