Orange Olive Oil Cake-MainPhoto

Portuguese Dessert: Orange-Olive Oil Cake

Imagine a delicious dessert you can make in advance since it only gets better with age! This Portuguese treat from David Leite is what you are looking for... This orange-olive oil cake was, without a doubt, the hardest recipe to develop…
Jodie's Lime Corn Cookies-MainPhoto

Jodie's Lime Corn Cookies

A lime-infused glaze tops these wonderful cookies from Jodie Harriel and the Los Bagels Bakery. Read Related: Christmas Cookies with Latin Flair LIME CORN COOKIES Yield: 1½-2 dozen Ingredients: ½ Ib. butter ½ t salt 1¼…
Coconut Flan-MainPhoto

A Desert Classic: Coconut Flan

Everyone loves flan. While the custard is rich, it is easily digestible, and the added coconut here makes it even more so. The important thing to remember if you suffer from GERD is that dessert should not be a habit but a treat. And you really…

Lucuma Ice Cream Recipe: No Ice Cream Machine Required!

No Ice Cream Machine Required! Lúcuma—a popular fruit in South America, especially in Peru, Chile and Argentina—has a round, baseball shape, bright orange-yellow flesh and a thick, sweet taste that some say tastes like pumpkin. frozen…

Must-Make Mexican Chocolate Cake

When I applied for a job at Martha Stewart’s company, I baked this Mexican chocolate cake for her. Guess what? I got the job. This no-fail, rich, chocolatey cake is perfect for any occasion—special dinners, bake sales or job hunting! Special…

Caribbean Fruit Skewers: Easy Grilled Fruit

Grilling for dessert? Yes! For a fun, tasty end to your grilled meal, thread pieces of fruit onto skewers, and cook on clean, greased grill grates. The direct heat from the grill concentrates the natural sweetness of the fruit and creates…

Coconut Bread Pudding

A luscious holiday dessert. For a dessert that sends your guests home with a smile, serve up a dish of freshly-baked Coconut Bread Pudding. Here, GOYA® Coconut Milk and warm spices saturate soft challah bread for a dessert that’s temptingly…
Ivy Stark's Crepas de Cajeta-MainPhoto

The Sweet Life: Ivy Stark's Crepas de Cajeta

Cajeta is often confused with dulce de leche, the Argentine caramel made with cow’s milk, while the more intricate, deeply flavored cajeta is made with goat’s milk. A BIT OF SWEET HISTORY The name comes from a small balsa wood box called…

Bizcochitos a lo Nuevo Mexicano

Growing up in New Mexico, I was immersed in a unique mainstream culture that was strongly rooted in Spain and old Mexico. Everyone in the state, regardless of their ancestry, shares in these time-honored and beloved traditions. I have vivid…