Lemoine-Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake to Melt the Winter Blues

This cake can qualify as my favorite cake of all cakes that I make. Daughter of the French Madame Tarte Tatin, she alone rules the kingdom of cakes. Fresh exotic pineapple combined with a dense cake flavored with butter and baked in a container…
Festive Strawberry Tamales-MainPhoto

The Sweet Life: Festive Strawberry Tamales

Here’s a way to turn tamales into a sweet festive finish for your celebrations. This delicious recipe for tamales will definitely tempt you and your guest’s sweet tooth! For a decorative touch, try adding 1-2 drops of red dye to your dough…

The Sweet Life: Tres Leches Cake Done Right

Editor’s Note: The following article is one in a series of Holiday inspired pieces, brought to you by Target. Seasons Greetings! I never tried a pastel de tres leches until I moved to Florida. My new Cuban friends raved about it and it…
Chocolate-Coffee Cupcake-MainPhoto

The Sweet Life: Chocolate-Coffee Cupcakes!

Cupcakes are easy to whip up, easy to bake, and of course...super easy to gobble up. So, here's a wonderful, Latino-flavored treat that is a great way to greet your guests who arrive at your house early in order to help with holiday cooking. This…
Great-Grandmother's Poundcake-MainPhoto

The Sweet Life: My Great-Grandmother's Poundcake

Everyone has a favorite family recipe. The mere thought of that dish makes your mouth water and your memories flow. For me, it’s my Great-Grandmother Wiwa’s poundcake recipe, otherwise known as la panetela de Wiwa. It’s a basic yellow…
Flourless Chocolate Almond Cupcakes-MainPhoto

Gluten & Allergy Corner: Flourless Chocolate Almond Cupcakes

Have someone in the family that is gluten intolerant and has a huge sweet tooth? These moist ‘n’ fudgy Flourless Chocolate Almond Cupcakes satisfy without the worry. Chocolate and almond are the perfect pair, a delicious combination of…
Churros with Chocolate Sauce-MainPhoto

Churros (Fritters) with Chocolate Sauce

CHURROS WITH CHOCOLATE SAUCE For the Churros: Ingredients ½ c granulated sugar 2 t ground cinnamon 2 eggs 2 c water ½ c diced butter ½ t salt 1 T baking powder 1 c pastry flour Vegetable oil, for frying Instructions In…
Sweet Mexico! New Mexican Dessert Classics-MainPhoto

Sweet Mexico! New Mexican Dessert Classics

I love the bold, freewheeling creativity of Mexican cuisine, the kind of imagination that combines chicken with chocolate, or Coca Cola with shredded pork. And yet in many Mexican restaurants, the creativity seems to run out at dessert, which…
Pistachio Gelato-MainPhoto

Pistachio Gelato Recipe

When it comes to pistachios I refuse to take shortcuts. I will happily sit at the kitchen table and shell pounds and pounds of pistachios by hand. I’ll shell so many nuts that by the end my thumbs are stinging because…