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Madrid Travel Guide For Families With Kids

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Madrid, Spain is a city with a variety of fun activities and parks for children and families. It has efficient, affordable public transportation (bus, metro and train) that can take visitors and residents pretty much anywhere they need to…
Visiting St. Augustine, Florida With The Kids-MainPhoto

Visiting St. Augustine, Florida With The Kids

St. Augustine, Florida reminds me of the South of Spain, where my two daughters were born. It’s hardly surprising, since the city was the first settlement in the United States, established in 1565 by the Spanish. It is now celebrating the…
A Guide to Preparing for Travel Disasters-MainPhoto

A Guide to Preparing for Travel Disasters

Vacations are those perfect little snapshots in time where life is supposed to be free of worry. We put down the phone, shut off the computer and are thankful life will be less harried for the next few days. Everyone, especially busy moms,…

Wyoming: A Visit to the Heart of America

The happy coincidence that took me, a curious Latina and adopted New Yorker, to visit Wyoming recently was the convincing tone of a professor at Central Wyoming College. While visiting Manhattan, he said New York was the mind of America…

6 Spots in Latin America You Must Visit

Many lucky families are already planning their annual vacations. I’m hoping that travelers will turn their eyes southward, and consider some of the fantastic destinations in Latin America that are cleaner, safer and more comfortable to…

How We Celebrate Christmas in the Summer Heat in Argentina

When you think about Christmas you always have an image in mind: snowy landscapes, frosty windows, a fireplace with colorful stockings full of candy hanging, and a fat lovely Santa tenderly placing presents under the most beautiful Christmas…
Disney World’s New Fantasyland Delivers the Magic & Then Some

Disney World’s New Fantasyland Delivers the Magic & Then Some

Walt Disney World knows how to work the magic—there’s no doubt about that. As soon as you enter the Orlando theme park gates, especially if you have kids, it’s hard not to get swept up in the full-on fantasy and unbridled joy. Now,…

Dream Hotels From Around the World

Mamiverse spotlights some of the most stunning dream hotels on the globe. Ranging from desert glamour to underwater thrills, there’s a fantasy locale for all tastes and lifestyle preferences. Conrad Maldives Rangali Islands Resort •…
5 ‘Inolvidable’ Romantic Getaways Inspired by Luis Miguel-MainPhoto

5 ‘Inolvidable’ Romantic Getaways Inspired by Luis Miguel

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Part of a series devoted to Mamiverse attending Festival People en Español Presented by Target in San Antonio on September 1-2. The inaugural festival promises to celebrate Latino contribution to art, music,…