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Gaby, Lost and Found

Gaby Ramirez Howard is having a rough time.  Since her mom was deported to Honduras, she has had to live with her dad. He means well; but he hasn’t been around for most of her childhood and his parenting skills are rusty, to say the least.…
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Zombie Baseball Beatdown

Zombie Baseball Beatdown By Paolo Bacigalupi Little Brown · 2013 · 304 pages Hardcover ($16.99) ISBN: 978-0-316-22078-1 Ages 10 to 13 The boys who read this—and its readers will be mostly boys—will love the frenetic action and…
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Under the Mambo Moon

Under the Mambo Moon is really two books in one. One book tells a story in words and magnificent black and white illustrations: It’s the story of a young girl named Marisol, who helps her dad at his music store. All day long, people enter…
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PICKLE: The (Formerly) Anonymous Prank Club of Fountain Point Middle School

Sixth-grader Ben Diaz thinks it's quite a coup when the local pizza parlor lets him have all the old smelly balls from the ball-pit (more than a dozen bags full!) if he'll just take them away. But when his father refuses to let him keep them…
Whiskers, Tails and Wings-MainPhoto

Whiskers, Tails and Wings: Animal Folktales from Mexico

In this collection, Judy Goldman retells five folktales from the Tarahumara, Seri, Huichol, Triqui and Tseltal people of Mexico. The introduction shares information about these indigenous peoples, which are far lesser known than the country’s…
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Yes! We Are Latinos

In this boldly illustrated hardcover book, 13 Latino children are introduced with poems about their lives in the United States. Juanita is from Mexico, but her native language is Mixtec. When she is enrolled in a school in New York and placed…
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My Havana: Memories of a Cuban Boyhood

My Havana, a poignant and heartwarming biography was inspired by a radio interview of architect Secundino Fernandez, a Cuban immigrant living in New York City. An artist from early on, Fernandez loved drawing the beautiful buildings of “his…

The Ugly One

The Ugly One By Leanne Statland Ellis Clarion/HMH • 2013 • 240 pages Hardcover ($16.99) ISBN: 978-0-547-64023-5 Ages 9 to 12 With this work, author Ellis opens up a long lost culture as extraordinary as any found in a fantasy novel.…

Buried Alive: How 33 Miners Survived 69 Days Deep Under the Chilean Desert

Buried Alive: How 33 Miners Survived 69 Days Deep Under the Chilean Desert By Elaine Scott Clarion Books • 2012 • 80 pages Hardcover ($17.00) ISBN  978-0-547-70778-5 Ages 9-12 Elaine Scott is well known for her scientific books…