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The Latina Behind The Latino List

How do you change the world if you’re still struggling to love yourself? How do you love yourself when you’re a young gay woman raised in a conservative Catholic family that believes homosexuality is wrong? For decades, Catherine Pino,…

A Proud Latina: This is What I Am

It was a four-letter word I had never before heard. But when the kids from down the street hurled it at me with all the fury and filth of a spitball, I immediately knew it was bad. Even in elementary school, I could sense all the ugliness…

The New Latina Blogger World

They are feministas and fashionistas, multicultural mamis and political pundits, cake-decorators and coupon-clippers. They are the rising ranks of Latina bloggers. And their voices are changing the digital landscape, offering an inside…

One Year Later: A Chilean Miner's Wife Remembers

Editor’s Note: Elvira Valdivia is a mother of two, and wife of Mario Sepúlveda, one of 33 Chilean miners that began a harrowing 69 day underground ordeal starting on August 5th, 2010. Her husband was the second to emerge from the mine,…

Latina Optimism Can Save America

My family and I were recently driving past a row of stately homes on the Connecticut shore. Now and then, my husband and I would comment on the architectural details we liked, like eaves, fish scale shingles, and fairy-tale turrets. In the…
Modern Family Sofia Vergara

TV Shows For Couples

Lots of commentary has been written on parenting sites about co-viewing television programs with your children, but I think an issue way more relevant to my life, and probably yours, is trying to find a show that my husband and I both want…

Crafty Chica's Tips to Tie Dye

When I was a kid I always wanted to try tie-dye, but my mom would always say, “Noooo, it’s so messy, it will stain everything!”I’m happy to report things have changed since then. The tie-dye process these days is as easy as adding…

A Baseball Player´s Wife & Her Quest for Success

You might think the life of a baseball wife is very glamorous (and it often is), but it can also be challenging to maintain a “normal” and healthy sense of family, particularly given my husband’s demanding schedule and his profession’s…
The Swan That Extreme Show and the Essence of Me

The Swan And The Essence of Nely Galán

At some point in our lives, we are all tested. We find ourselves at a crossroad where we must face a challenge, or series of challenges that force us to stand back and reassess the landscape of our reality. Such a crossroad in life could be…