Modern Family Sofia Vergara
Modern Family Sofia Vergara

Ed O’Neil & Sofia Vergara on Modern Family (ABC)

Lots of commentary has been written on parenting sites about co-viewing television programs with your children, but I think an issue way more relevant to my life, and probably yours, is trying to find a show that my husband and I both want to watch. My husband hung with me for the first couple of seasons of Glee and every dance show produced, but has since told me I am on my own. So I’m constantly in search for something we can enjoy together. And for those of you in the same boat, here’s what is on our DVR this month:

5. The Tudors • This is definitely more in my column, but my husband seems to appreciate the history and politics. (He doesn’t know I also watch it without him, so I can pause to appreciate the royally hot actors. Oops, hope he’s not reading this!).

4. Breaking Bad • In all honesty, this is more in “his” column, but I do find myself fascinated.

3. Louie • A little raw, okay, very raw at times but it’s refreshing here on the cul-de-sac.

2. Happy Endings • A lot of people missed this comedy last season, so catch it this summer and re-live your single/early married days when you could sleep until noon.

1. Modern Family • This is a given, I don’t know a single person or couple who doesn’t like this show, but just in case you’ve been working late at the office for the last two years, consider yourself informed.