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Am I a Helicopter Mom?

A recent development made me wonder whether I'm a helicopter mom. My son spent an entire week at The Cowboy's ranch in the lead up to Christmas. It was the longest unbroken time we'd all spent together, and some remarkable changes were…

How to Avoid Fighting With Your Spouse During the Holidays

Of course you want to avoid fighting with your spouse during the holidays but, how? Unfortunately the most heated fights of the year between couples occur precisely when they should be experiencing peace on earth and goodwill towards…

5 Topics to Avoid for a Drama-Free Family Gathering

Drama-Free family gatherings can happen! But, you need to avoid touchy topics to make them possible. You love them, but they make you nuts. Can't wait to see them, but you are darn happy to leave or get them out of your house. Is it any…

Tips for a Merry Blended Family Holiday

Blended families can also have a merry holiday! My parents split up when I was thirteen; my father remarried, my mother didn't. Suddenly, the holidays—once a special time when everyone was together, a time to look forward to, to cherish—seemed…

Latinas and Domestic Violence

Latinas are widely affected by domestic violence. He drove me insane. There was just so much I could take. I took revenge. These are phrases uttered by women who are victims of domestic violence. But tragically, after being beaten…

Pranking Mom With Shock Toy: Those Crazy Kids!

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Mami was just innocently prepating tortillas for dinner, but her kids were cooking up something a little different! For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit!

Why Not all Latinas are Envious

No, not all Latinas are envious, and here's why. It all began with a phone call. My wonderful TV agent, Cindy Mintz of Abrams Artists Agency, wanted to let me know that actress Sara Ramirez had inquired about a meeting with me. My jaw dropped.…

How Grandmothers Help Raise Children

Latina grandmothers help raise our children. As we sat around the dinner table the other night, my ten-year-old son seemed a little confused as to what to do when pushed or shoved or kicked on the soccer field. We all had words of advice…

Vacationing with Mom: 4 Valuable Lessons on How to Bond and Survive

In the spirit of love and unity, Mami, my sister, and I decided to spend quality time and take a vacation—together. And my one-year-old niece, who is attached to her mother's breast, literally. Three generations. Our destination: Miami,…