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Common Sense Do's & Don’ts of Online Dating

I have a profile on There, I said it! But I don't check it often as I don’t pay to use the service and that limits my options. In fact, as a proud Latina, I refuse to pay money for an online service to meet men. I doubt my soul…

When Moms Judge the Men We Date

On every birthday, Mami kisses me on the cheek, hugs me tight, and lists the wishes she prays will come true. “I wish you good health, success, lots of money, and a husband that loves you and treats you with respect.  And that will do anything…

3 Ways to Get Revenge on Your Suegra

As the daughter-in-law to a very difficult suegra, I've written a lot about how to manage a civil relationship with a meddlesome mother-in-law and how to forgive her when necessary, but today I'm going to talk about how to get revenge. Maybe…

Getting Away From My Needy Mom

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 I like to joke that my mother had children so we could worship the ground she walked on. How she plotted the three kids she’d push out with my father so they would adore her unconditionally. As she went into…

Love Rehearsals: A Quinceañera Tale

Excerpted from Fifteen Candles 15 Tales of Taffeta, Hairspray, Drunk Uncles, and other Quinceañera Stories, edited by Adriana Lopez. Love rehearsals, a quinceañera tale.  In some ways, Cynthia’s quince was the closest thing to a quince…

How to Deal with Taxes, Money and Family

How can a tax return remind you about love? Most financial planners use an individual’s tax return to extrapolate financial information to help them create a financial plan. We use a person’s tax return to extrapolate the amount of love…

Breaking Mom’s Heart: A Daughter’s Guilt Over Moving Out

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 I've decided it's time to get my own place. But I feel an enormous amount of guilt over this. I concocted this plan after a ridiculous battle ensued between Mami and me. The culprit: a mountain of clothing. The…

I Survived Domestic Abuse & Violence

“Chris Brown, you can beat me!” some young girls tweeted. I was equal parts shocked, frightened, and disappointed. I’ve also seen the many jokes about Chris Brown’s abuse of former girlfriend and collaborator, Rihanna. I get that…

Why Get Married?

Why should we get married, especially if we've been married before? That seems to be a popular question nowadays! "Matthew McConaughey Engaged to Camila Alves," blares the headline on a popular tabloid website. Along with the article…