10 Easy and Effective Ways For New Moms to Improve Circulation

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With cool weather on its way, it’s important to consider the role that circulation plays in staying healthy during the winter months. Pregnancy, followed by you being on your feet all day with your baby can contribute to painful varicose…

Ovarian Cancer: 12 Signs of the Silent Killer

Not that there’s any such thing as a “good” cancer, but ovarian cancer is a particularly nasty one. It’s the leading cause of cancer deaths in women, and its 5 year survival rate is less than 50%. When you consider that nearly 90% of…
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Beyond the Controversy of Screening-MainPhoto

Breast Cancer: Coping with the Diagnosis

Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been one of the most successful campaigns in recent history to raise public awareness. More women than ever receive regular mammograms, and do breast self-checks, and the breast cancer survival rate is steadily…
By Sharing My Cancer, I Replaced Fear with Hope-MainPhoto

By Sharing My Cancer, I Replaced Fear with Hope

When I asked my mother, she said, “de esas cosas no se habla.”  We don’t speak of these things. Little did I know that telling her about my breast cancer diagnosis wouldn’t be the biggest trauma of that day. I called her in Puerto…

Is the U.S. Really the Best Country for Childbirth?

I don’t know of anyone who has the chance to travel the world looking for the best place to have a child, but if you could, what would you look for? First on my list would be the best health system for the mother and child during the pregnancy…

Elective C-Sections Spark Controversy

It is only natural for women to fear childbirth. First-time moms face the unknown, while repeat mamis have a pretty good idea what they are getting into! All of us know complications may arise at any moment during labor, leaving no option…
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Are Electronics Bad For Our Kids?

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UPDATED August 1st, 2016 They’re flashy, they’re attention-grabbing, and they’ll even read to your children. They’re kid-friendly electronics, from “laptops” for toddlers to exergames to the e-books on your iPad. But are they…

Childhood Sexual Development Guide

Although we may not like to think of our children as sexual beings, they are. Children are born with the equipment that will later make them able to reproduce. As such, their bodies have been designed to be sexual, and sexual development…

Feeling Guilty for My Fertility

When my husband and I first married, we talked about our plan for building our family. We both felt strongly that two kids would be our perfect number and there was a part of us that wanted to start trying to conceive right away. So we decided…