Herpes: How the Wrong Diagnosis Nearly Killed My Sex Life!

At the age of 28, while living in Spain, I experienced a sudden burning, painful sensation on my right thigh. It itched, and the more I scratched at it, the more it spread. It was so painful that I went to the emergency room. There, a doctor…

Having a Baby After 35: Risky Business?

  UPDATED: August 1st, 2016  It´s often said that having a baby after 35 is risky. But, is it really? When I met my future husband, I was 34 years old, and I already knew that at some point I wanted to have another child. Fast-forward…

7 Summer Dangers Your Kids Face

1. SUNBURN How bad can a sunburn get? Let us count the ways. Sunburns can cause intense pain, damage to the skin and eyes, skin cancer, and even problems with their immune systems. Prevention & Treatment: Prevention is the best cure…

The Fertility Clock is Real!

When I met my husband in 2009, he was recently divorced—no kids, I was a single mother to a five-year old. After three years of courtship our relationship progressed, and we eventually got married and decided we wanted to have a baby of…
Childrens Health Issues-MainPhoto

Children’s Health Issues Every Mom Should Know

Motherhood brings with it an infinite number of joys—but it can also bring a seemingly endless amount of concerns, too. Frightening headlines pop up, well-meaning fellow moms spread the word about an illness or affliction that they read…

What Our Skin Reveals About Reproductive Health

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 Since skin is our largest organ, changes in the appearance of our skin are not only visible to the naked eye in many instances, but also may reflect the health—or not—of our internal organs. One of the most…

Big Babies: A Roly-Poly Roundup of Giant-Sized Newborns

Iowa mom Kendall Stewardson is no lightweight—and neither is her newborn son, Asher. Kendall recently gave birth to baby Asher naturally—no surgery, no epidural—after six hours of labor. That’s an admirable feat in and of itself,…