Of course, there are so many types that it can be pretty hard to figure out what’s the best incense for you and your lifestyle. To start, there are three main types.

• Indirect Burning: This needs a separate heat source to burn so it requires a little more equipment. Frankincense and myrrh are the most well-known examples of indirect burning.

• Direct Burning: The incense is mixed with a combustion agent that allows it to burn itself — like sticks, which require an incense holder, or cones, which need a dish.

• Reed Diffuser: This doesn’t require any heat. It consists of a bottle containing an essential oil that bamboo reeds soak up and slowly release into the air for a more subtle vibe.

Once you’ve chosen your method, it’s time to find the best incense for your needs. Obviously, air freshening is entirely based on personal taste. A reed diffuser may be the best option since it doesn’t require any burning, thus no smoke and no risk of fire.

If you’re being eaten alive during a cookout or anything else that may involve insects, citronella incense can use as a bug repellant.