Tía Isa Wants a Car

by Meg Medina • Illustrated by Claudio Muñoz
Candlewick Press • 2011 • 32 pages
Hardcover ($15.99)
ISBN: 9780763641566
Ages 4-8

Editor’s note: This book is also available in a Spanish paperback edition titled Tía Isa quiere un carro.

Tía Isa wants a car—and nothing will stop her from saving the money to get it!  Tía Isa grew up on an island but now lives in the city.  She wants a car to take the family to the beach.  But money is tight, and her brother laughs at her for even wanting such a luxury item.  Isa and her niece are undaunted; they each work hard to save two piles of money: one to send back to family still on the island, and one for Tía Isa’s car.

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This is certainly a story about the struggles of family separation and financial difficulties, but more importantly, it is the story of Tía Isa, whose bold personality and tenacity make her a strong and loving role model to her niece and readers alike.  The expressive text and gentle illustrations in this book are a perfect match, allowing readers to witness this episode in a family’s life unfold, page after page.   An excellent choice for reading with elementary age children.

Review by Katie Cunningham, Library Professional and Blogger, ¡Es Divertido Hablar Dos Idiomas!