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I Got Dumped Via Text Message

Recently, I was dumped via text message. But perhaps what’s even more ridiculous is that this is the second time this has happened to me. On both occasions, when I tried to make a phone call—to at least preserve some of my dignity and get broken up with the old fashioned way, by phone—I only […]


Latin Stereotypes: How to Cope, with Laughter

Lazy, uneducated, immigrant, dark, sexy, cholo, freeloader, non-English speaker—Latino stereotypes, we are all familiar with them. If at least one of these descriptions hasn’t been directed at you, then it’s likely a friend or family member has been referred to as one of the above. Without a doubt you’ve spotted stereotypical depictions in the media. […]


Why Are There Not More Latinas in Congress?

Of the 24 Latinos serving in Congress, only seven are women, according to figures from the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed officials (NALEO). We spoke to Latina elected officials in two big Latino states, California and Texas, and they told us the reasons for this phenomenon could be boiled down to three main […]