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7 Tips for Managing Money & Relationships

Carmen Wong Ulrich is President and Co-Founder of ALTA Wealth Management, an independent financial planning firm that advises clients on financial issues and growing wealth. She is nationally recognized for her frank advice on money matters and can be seen as a regular on ABC’s The View, MSNBC and CNN. She is also the author […]

Sex Talk: When and How to Educate Your Kids

Sex talk with the kids is not an easy issue. You’re in the car with your kids listening to a pop station. Suddenly, the lyrics explode in your ears: And I know you be getting so horny Cause you be sending me texts Like boy just get your ass up in that car … “Mom, […]


Controversial Nuns with an Agenda (to Help)

Nuns are often stereotyped into two categories: the pious virgin praying for mercy at the altar or a ruler-wielding tyrant with vinegar breath and a frightful dark habit. In truth, today’s nuns are some of the most progressive, hardest working and bravest souls within the Catholic Church. Many dress in layman’s clothes, shop at Target, […]


Author Reyna Grande’s Harrowing Immigrant Past

When author Reyna Grande’s 9-year-old son whined about walking to the local YMCA in their hometown of Whittier, California, she reminded him how lucky he and his sister were. “I ran across the U.S./Mexico border when I was your age,” Grande told her son. “You can walk 15 minutes to the daycare.” A mother and […]


Undocumented Fighter: The Inspiring Story of Maria Luna

Editor’s Note: With President Obama’s Executive Order stopping the deportation of children of illegal immigrants, we highlight one of the “dreamers,” Maria Luna. A self-proclaimed, dream agent, Maria went public about her immigration status and has been advocating on behalf of young people to be allowed to stay in this country, pursue an education and […]


Lessons from 4 Women Living Their Dreams

Ever wonder how you can quit your job and achieve your dreams? These four Latinas have found their calling. And as one of the women says, “If you follow your passion you will have a fulfilled life. Fear is what paralyzes you. Money will come and go.”