The moment you become pregnant you want to know all about pregnancy. You want to know what is happening to your body, to your baby and what lies ahead. And yet, despite your desire to be on top of the facts, you feel totally lost. Guess what, you’re not alone. But we’re here to help, with lessons we wish someone had shared with us when we were first pregnant. No sugarcoating the facts, no tiptoeing around the reality that you are going to be sleep-deprived, and no lying about what really happens in the delivery room.

While you may never know everything there is to know about being pregnant (and what happens after birth), it’s important that you try to get educated. You need to be comfortable with what is going to happen to you so you can be prepared to have a good birth experience. According to Fit Pregnancy, “If we condition ourselves to be “comfortable” with what we go through during pregnancy, we will have a solid foundation going into birth.” With that in mind, here are 17 lessons all about pregnancy that every expectant mom needs to know. Brace yourselves; it’s going to be a bumpy ride (pun unapologetically intended.)

  1. You will feel hungover.
    When you are first pregnant, before you even look like there’s a baby in there (you just look a little puffy) you will feel hungover. Sure, some people feel great, but many people feel like they are severely hung-over. You have a headache that won’t go away, you feel a dull sense of nausea wipe over you at random times throughout the day, you have no appetite (or you crave greasy foods/pickles/sweets/carbs), you puke, and the only thing that helps you is sleep. Sounds like you’re back in college, right? Yeah, minus the alcohol. You’re stone cold sober and you feel like you were hit by a massive beer truck. It’s about as fun as it sounds, but the good news is it will pass.

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