5 Reasons Why Simplifying Life Creates Family Zen -MainPhoto

5 Reasons Why Simplifying Life Creates Family Zen -MainPhoto

As Confucius once said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated,” which is true to a certain degree. But let’s face it—life can and will get complicated. Schedules, emotions, unprecedented events, challenges, pain and loss are just a few of the many variables that can go askew and stress us out. As a parent, knowing how to simplify your life, helps create an atmosphere that fosters love and peace of mind. Instead of adding more and more to our family to-do lists, here are some ways to think about  simplifying life at home.

1.  Simplifying Reduces Stress
Everyone knows stress is the silent killer, which is why it is crucial for us to banish as much of it from our lives as we humanly can. By simplifying life you can reduce stress for you and your family, because the act of consciously doing less will make you more available, present and calm.

2.  Simplifying Life Creates Time
Sometimes our days are so packed with inane chores, it feels as if we don’t have a moment to stop, breathe and tune in to how we are, or how we feel. Simplifying life gives you more time to enjoy each other as a family. Slash some of the less important tasks from your lists and kick back with a classic, simple snack like Nilla Wafers or a box of Animal Crackers.

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3. Simplifying Highlights Priorities
By intentionally seeking ways to simplify your life, you and your kids are forced to focus on what is really important. Simplifying places you in a position to ask fundamental questions about short and long term goals, as an individual and a family, and brings the most crucial objectives that need to be met right to the fore. Simplifying life shows us how much unnecessary clutter there is in our lives, and demands that we become conscious minimalists.

4. Simplifying Life Promotes Creativity
Simplifying life does not necessarily mean that our lives will become less interesting. Quite the contrary—when we force ourselves to simplify, we are also asking ourselves to be resourceful about how to keep life manageable. Simplifying teaches us not to over-think things, and instead seek creative solutions that are easy, quick and painless.

5. Simplifying Makes Space
Though it may sound counterintuitive (because it involves a little work) cleaning, sorting and organizing are other ways of simplifying your life. Simplifying means less clutter, and less clutter ultimately means less chores; so when you streamline your space, you are also creating more space to enjoy life with your family.

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