11. The North Dakota UFO Sighting
Another UFO sighting and alien abduction reportedly took place in Fargo, North Dakota in 1975. All three victims had been in a car looking at the UFOs, when they felt as if they had been stuck for a moment but had somehow rearranged their seats. Under hypnosis, their abduction story emerged.

12. The Missouri UFO • 1973
A UFO sighting in Columbia, MO in 1973 was supported by evidence of a ship landing as “something” had supposedly broken tree limbs, burned leaves and imprints.

13. The JAL Flight 1628 Encounter • 1986
In 1986, a Japanese Airlines cargo plane over Alaska saw a UFO and requested emergency landing. Both the flight engineer and first officer saw two illuminated objects and then later saw a larger ‘mother ship,’ at which time they decided they’d rather land in Alaska than continue on their journey.