8.  The Rosedale UFO • 1980
In 1980, a rancher in Australia had an encounter with a UFO that he probably would have missed had his cattle not been making noise as it floated over his fields. It reportedly drained his water tank, spewed debris from the field and flattened the grass where it had landed briefly.

9. The Sorocco UFO Encounter • 1964
In April of 1964, police officer Lonnie Zamora reported seeing a UFO in Sorocco, New Mexico. Members of Project Blue Book, the United States Air Force group responsible for handling UFO reports, investigated the incident and determined that the officer had been telling the truth.

10. The Kenneth Arnold Sighting • 1947
UFOs spotted over the Cascade Mountains in Washington state were touted as the “first recorded UFO sightings in modern times” in 1947. After pilot, Kenneth Arnold’s experience was published in newspapers around the world, others came forward with their own stories of UFO encounters.