6. The Esthetic Universe of Frida Kahlo by Luis-Martín Lozano
Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits are vividly presented in this oversize coffee table collection of raw and sensual art. Kahlo’s Self-Portrait with Velvet Dress, 1926, was dedicated to Alejandro Gómez Arias who had accompanied Kahlo on that tragic trolley car accident that permanently scarred Kahlo’s body and psyche. Kahlo’s self-portrait shows an ivory neck, ready for a lover’s beso. Her fiercely black uni-brow is like a swallow’s wing span, holding a pair of glistening eyes that evoke passion. Kahlo’s lips are pursed together, yet sensual, awaiting Alejandro’s mouth and her cleft chin is…well…you gotta admit…DEAD SEXY!