8. The Stories of Eva Luna by Isabel Allende
As Eva Luna lay in bed with her lover, legs intertwined, he asks his muse to tell him a few stories. Eva’s Wicked Girl features a young girl smitten with Bernal, the dark and mysterious boarder whose velvety voice seduces her mother and eventually Elena Mejia’s mind. Bernal and Elena’s mother, Señorita Sofía, are oblivious to the spying, “The fringed lamp shade glowed with a warm light that exposed the lovers in bed. Her mother was transformed into a round, rosy, moaning, opulent siren, an undulating sea anemone, all tentacles and suckers, all mouth and hands and legs and orifices, rolling and turning and cleaving to the large body of Bernal.” Mamis, that “sea anemone” keeps making its appearance in many of these sexy books on this list, across the centuries!