For those working full or part time, it’s easy to bring the stress of the office home with you. You get caught up in your job because it’s your family’s lifeline, right? How can you support them without a paycheck?  Of course it’s important! I’m guilty of bringing office stress and work home in the evenings as well. Our children want our love and attention, but we’re not always ready to give it to them right away. It’s easy to give a quick hug and kiss, and then tune them out to focus your attention back on work.

In return, they wind up acting out to get any kind of attention (usually negative from me). In the end I feel guilty, they’re sad, and all they really wanted was to be scooped up and listened to. We must unplug! Put down the laptops, the tablets, the phones, and listen to your kids. Give them one-on-one time, even if it’s only 30 minutes in the evening—offer them 100% of you.