The Benefits of Non-Attachment Parenting

Pink breastfeeding Willow Sage

I think breast-feeding is great—for six months. If moms want to extend the time to a year, I don’t agree, but I understand. Maybe it’s my own experience with breastfeeding my four-month old right now. I’m doing it for her, not for me. I get gloomy during the process, forget endorphins in my case. But, I honestly can’t imagine a 2-year-old breastfeeding—unless you live in a very poor country and cannot afford to find food for your child. Not only because they have teeth, but also because they are aware! If it was normal in the Paleolithic era, it is not now. We have evolved! I have a few friends who have done the long-term nursing thing, and I love them—although I prefer they don’t do it in front of me.