As per The Red Cross, if your children are swimming with a big group, whether with friends at home or at a camp, enforce the buddy system, so that each child has a friend to look out for. That way there will always be someone to watch your kids in case a child is struggling in the pool or needs help. Other simple but effective rules include no diving (unless you are supervised and parents say it is OK) and always walk when you are on the pool deck.

Last but not least regarding pool safety tips for kids, all parents should know CPR in case you need to take action to resuscitate a child. While you may have taken a CPR course many years ago, try to keep your CPR knowledge relevant by taking refresher courses and reading about the proper techniques. Remember that while summer may be a time to have fun in the sun (and in the pool), water safety is a serious matter and could be the difference between life and death for your loved ones. Never think that a pool-related tragedy can’t happen to you and take the necessary measures to ensure that you, your kids, your friends, and everyone you care about will enjoy this summer, and many more summers to come.