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5. Stock up on bilingual books.
My House, Mi Casa by Rebecca Emberley, a book in two languages, introduces young readers to Spanish. There are basic sentences paving the way to absorbing and reinforcing language. Pages are filled with colorful images that are clearly labeled for easy understanding. Barron’s Hide and Speak Spanish is another wonderful option that’s filled with basic vocabulary words centered around a theme. The sentences are written in both English and Spanish and vocabulary words are reinforced in isolation, serving as a mini picture dictionary. For readers with a foundation in both languages, check out bilingual books written by the popular children’s writer and illustrator, Lois Ehlert. Moon Rope, adapted from a Peruvian folktale, is infused with Ehlert’s love of bold images and pre-Columbian artwork.

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  1. Diana
    Diana says:

    My favorite tip on this list is the last one — COMIDA!! Food really helps to connect with one’s culture… i would add one more, MUSICA!! my son is 17 months and he shakes his bonbon to cumbia, vallenato and some oldies Abuela puts on for him!!

  2. Karina Rosado
    Karina Rosado says:

    You know what also works? Watching traditional comedy shows! Kids love to laugh and find jokes appealing so they want to imitate them. Watching El Chavo del Ocho works wonders!


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