5 Must-Read Children's Books about Food

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What’s better than helping mom follow a recipe in the kitchen? According to my kids, it’s reading stories about food. I love how food related tales inspire them to rush to the kitchen to try to prepare it themselves. Though they still…

Best-Selling WONDER Author on Being a Mom and Kindness

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This is how August Pullman, the main character in R.J. Palacio’s best-selling middle grade novel WONDER, describes himself on the first page of the book: “I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse….” You…

Giants Beware! Meet the Dynamic Dad Duo Behind the Book

What happens when two aspiring artists meet in college, shoot a film in a bar, and reunite over a decade later to publish a children’s book? They create the critically-praised, new graphic novel Giants Beware! and then become the coolest…
Controversial Children’s Book: Should Your Child Know Where Meat Comes From?

Controversial Children’s Book: Should Your Child Know Where Meat Comes From?

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"Where do lamb chops come from?" I'm not sure my grandmother ever planned what she was going to say when I, her then-six year old grandchild, made the connection between the cute, fuzzy creatures in my storybooks and the piece of meat…

Scary Tales or Fairy Tales?

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I grew up on Disney movies, princess stories, and nursery rhymes. The Little Red Riding Hood I remember was eaten by a wolf, and so was her grandmother, but there was a woodsman who arrived just in time to hack them out of the wolf's belly,…

Top 10 Poetry Books for Kids

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Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? More than just a bunch of rhyming words, poetry does, in fact, have many benefits for children. For starters, it helps young children to learn new vocabulary and rhythm. For this reason,…

Improving Latino Children’s Literacy

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Recently on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams, Chelsea Clinton gave a news report on the collaboration between a charter school in Rhode Island and the surrounding public schools. The goal of this venture is to help the public school…

Recipes for Fun: Seven Inspired Cookbooks For Kids

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One of my favorite possessions as a child was The DC Super Heroes Super Healthy Cookbook. Why this treasure is not more widely-known is beyond me, especially now as a Food Revolution aimed at getting kids to eat healthier hits an all-time…

Top Holiday Books For Children

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Following are my top Holiday books for children, based on my experience. This is one of the best times of the year to get your kids hooked on reading. There are so many wonderful books centered around the holidays. Many of these stories…