Go Time: 8 of the Best Family Vacations for Spring and Summer

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UPDATED June 13th, 2018 It’s spring! Finally! And while this warmer, sunnier and more cheerful season is a welcomed change from winter for many people across the country, it also comes with its own challenges, like planning the best family…

Basic Math Skills: How to Teach Your Kids Math With Money

In today's economy, new graduates and job hunters need all the advantages they can get, and most employers agree that they need workers with outstanding math and language skills. Unfortunately, Hispanic students lag behind their peers on…

Mothers Weep in Alabama...Once Again

How many mothers are weeping in Alabama? That’s what I keep asking myself as I scan the headlines and news stories coming out of the state now known as home to the harshest immigration law in the country. That’s what I keep wondering…

3 Keys to Your Child's Academic Success

What is the key to academic success? That seems to be the million-dollar question right now in America. Recent studies show that out of 40 countries around the world, American students rank 25th in math and 21st in science. The average rate…

Are Parents Always the Best Role Models?

Last October, my colleague sat with a boy of 16 and his mother for a required parent-teacher conference. The boy had failed his first quarter and was presently failing the second. When my colleague broke this news to the boy’s mother, she…

Latinos Bridging the Digital Divide

Gone are the days when the only supplies students needed were pens, pencils and paper, when doing a research paper meant a trip to the stacks of the local library, and a visual presentation meant poster board and glue sticks.Today, school…