2. #EyebrowsOnFleek
Eyebrows are front and center on your face, so it’s no surprise that they are also front and center in the beauty world, especially when it comes to Instagram hashtags. It’s been this way for a while—for years bold brows have been a thing, and more recently fashion runways have featured models with accessorized and even bronzed brows. So what exactly does it mean for your eyebrows to be “on fleek” you might ask. Pop sugar explains, “Fleek—which is a variation of “flick,” a word well known to makeup-lovers—is when eyebrows are perfectly groomed, filled, and shaped. In essence, “brows on point” and “brows on fleek” are the same thing.” Translation: if your brows are perfect, they are on fleek, and you should be sharing them on Instagram.