Tips para que tu hijo termine bien el curso escolar-MainPhoto

Tips para que tu hijo termine bien el curso escolar-MainPhoto
As a teacher I am, I see the end of the school year get faster than the parents of my students. Although still remain several weeks to catch up, I hope these tips help you in this latter one stretch before summer vacation !

NO last minute call to make an appointment with the teacher when you realize that your child is going to fail a subject . YES , contacts with teachers regularly if you are worried about a subject in which your child is lazy. Some schools offer parents the opportunity to access information for students through student planner systems as Infinite Campus , where they can access their children’s schedules, school goals, your progress in them and the tasks have.

DO NOT assume that all is well because your son returns home smiling. Surviving the Elementary and Secondary is very hard. Be alert to things like bullying or school violence, so brings up the subject of conversation with children whenever possible. Students with learning disabilities and those receiving special education services, are more susceptible, so keep your eyes open. YES stay very alert to any unusual behavior and goes to school counselor if you think necessary. YES hug your child often. Do it at home, in private, if your child prefers not to be seen at the school gate hugging “Mommy” or “Daddy.” Hugs are a source for emotional comfort for children of all ages.

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DO NOT forget to deliver on time the forms and documents. Towards the end of the course, give them to students in Primary, Middle Grade and Secondary payrolls for next year.  sooner you and your child review the available classes and choose the required and elective courses, there will be a better chance to ensure a vacancy in the classroom. Some optional fill up fast, such that dictate some very popular website. YES talk with your child the importance of choosing something new as an optional subject: CAD 1 visual arts and design, auto mechanics or even basic carpentry. Remember that not all classes are for all students. Children need the opportunity to try something that stimulates your mental math beyond the well known; science and language growth.

DO NOT think that your friends always want the best for him. As children grow and become teenagers, their contemporaries pressure increases. You have to know that it is more likely that your child has to face to say “no” to drugs, alcohol or risky sexual behavior. Equip your child with the right information and enough moral values ​​so that you can confront these pressures without yielding to them. YES find out everything you can about the friends of your children, especially if your child spends time at home. Do not hesitate to contact the parents of your child’s classmates or their caregivers. Connect via Facebook, gusrda your phone to your mobile calendar, do whatever you have to do. You may well fall to the parents of your child’s partner and you make new friends.

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DO NOT let your child loosen up the pace when the warmth comes. There are very important and difficult subjects taught in May and June and the profesorres want your child to have a good impression of their performance until the end of the course . Teachers usually call for parents to explain what level of math and reading your children will be next year. Some schools even allow parents to request a particular teacher who can benefit the academic performance of their child. There are projects that carry Prom final grade and / or credits. YES keeps on hand a copy of the draft Prom highlights delivery dates and buy the necessary items early to avoid stressing later. The emergency last minute because we lack the necessary equipment for a job when you have to deliver it the following day, are stressful for your child too.

Finally, remember end of the year thanking your child’s teachers or principal for their efforts throughout the year. It is also a good idea to plan on educational summer activities in advance so that your child motivated to hold the next course.