Exercising every day, spending less money, quitting bad habits…those are some tough resolutions to keep once the winter blahs set in. However, there are simpler mini-goals you can work on effortlessly. I’m talking about winter skin care resolutions. These cold, windy months are tough on your skin, but our easy-to-follow tips for taking care of your skin during the winter will leave you feeling like you’ve done yourself a real favor by sticking to your resolutions!

One of the best moments to start a new beauty regimen is during cold weather, as most of us are in something of a hibernation mode. Besides, your face and body need more pampering in wintertime, to combat flakiness, acne, irritation, rosacea and lack of moisture. So while you’re all tucked in on those cold winter nights—or days—follow our tips for amazing, soft and touchable skin in no time!

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Winter can be a total nightmare for your face. Dry, itchy skin, tightness and even worse conditions such as eczema or cracking are definitely not pretty. Keeping your skin hydrated and healthy during frigid temperatures has to be your goal, and it can be as simple as adjusting your wardrobe.

  • Just add layers! Aside from washing and moisturizing your face as usual, complement your routine with serums and nutritive masks and oils, as they’re often more concentrated than lotions or creams. These kinds of products will help to retain moisture by creating a protective barrier highly needed outdoors and indoors—yes, artificial heaters also contribute to dryness and flakiness.
  • Remember to wear sunscreen. Winter is not an excuse to stop using sunscreen. You still need high protection even if it’s cloudy or snowing—in fact, the snow glare can be especially damaging. Remember the rule: Reapply, Reapply, Reapply.
  • Don’t forget your lips! More than any other area, your pout is more prone to dryness and cracking in cold weather. Exfoliate biweekly with a delicate paste of sugar and olive oil (or if you’re not a homemade gal, just buy a lip exfoliator) and make sure to protect your lips with balms or special ointments. Licking your lips doesn’t count—in fact, it actually makes them dryer.

Beauty Resolutions for Winter Skin-Face

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It’s not unusual for women to get a little lazy with their bodies in wintertime. After all, who is going to look at your skin under all those layers? But the truth is, you must keep up with your beauty routine for your own mental health. Winter blues can be hard to battle, but a little TLC does wonders.

  • Scrubby-dub. Body scrubs, this time of the year, are miraculous. They will remove dead skin, therefore any cream you apply will be absorbed better. Pay extra attention to areas such as neck, armpits, elbows and knees, as they can darken from the constant friction with heavy clothes. If this advice came too late, exfoliate, then apply a bleaching cream like concha de nacar or a mix of lemon juice with baking soda at night.
  • A close shave. Unless you’re trying to grow out your hair for depilatory reasons, please ladies, don’t forget to shave. Almost every woman does it thinking “nobody is going to see me anyway.” However, stubble can irritate your skin. If razors cause you rashes or red bumps, go for hair removal creams or wax strips.
  • Slather on the lotion! The thicker, the better. Body oils are a lifesaver for dehydrated skin, too. Whatever you choose, make sure to apply it right after showering—that way you can lock in any moisture.

Beauty Resolutions for Winter Skin-Body

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Your hands suffer more during colder seasons because they are dry by nature. And guess what happens when you leave them exposed? Itchy, flaky and cracked skin appears instantly.

  • Slather it on. Protect your hands—and cuticles too—by applying a humectant cream or lotion every time you go outside. If possible, treat yourself with a rich, thick ointment before going to bed. It will help to keep your hands moist and fortify your nails.
  • But skip the socks! I know what you’re thinking. There’s nothing better for your feet than applying lotion before putting your socks on. Well, right and wrong. While hydrating your feet will lead to softer skin, putting socks on damp, wet feet can cause trouble. An intensive or reparative foot cream, every night, will achieve the same “baby feet” effect without the socks. Take it easy with exfoliators, hot oils or harsh treatments too—your skin might feel sore afterwards.

Beauty Resolutions for Winter Skin-Hands & Feet

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