4. Cooking Class
Eating is fun, eating together is fun, and turns out, cooking together is fun too. Plus it’s a great educational activity for kids of all ages. When you cook together you learn to work as a team, to delegate responsibilities, to follow directions and to be creative. Cooking is also a great way to sneak in some math, with measuring and ingredients. Or you can learn about the cuisines and traditions of other cultures.

5. Arts & Crafts
Arts and crafts are a fun way to encourage learning, problem solving, creativity and thinking outside the box. It allows kids to express themselves and use a different part of their brain than they typically use for schoolwork. You can keep it simple and just break out some crayons and markers, or you can get more complicated with tie-dye kits, acrylic painting sets or clay. There are tons of ways to embrace creativity at home, and if you’re worried about making a mess, you can visit a local art studio that offers classes and activities for kids.