Barbie dolls’ proportions have been a bone of contention for ages, blamed for presenting an unattainable ideal of beauty to generations of girls and wreaking havoc on their body image. In 2015 Mattel unveiled the first phase of giving Barbie a major (and long overdue) series of makeovers and they’ve been steadily diversifying this perennial classic ever since. So far it’s been a massive hit. As HuffPost reports a little boy said it best, “People now can see the resemblance of them in these types of Barbie dolls.” Here are 10 things we love about the new collection.

1. Racial Diversity
Mattel started their Barbie revamp with the Fashionista’s Collection which included African American and Asian dolls. It consisted of 23 dolls with, “…eight different skin tones, 14 different facial sculpts, 18 eye colors, 22 hair styles, and 23 hair colors.” FINALLY!

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2. Personal Style
The next exciting upgrade was saying goodbye to cookie cutter fashion. Now kids can dress Barbie to reflect their own tastes and personal style. She’s got an online game, My Style Book and an Instagram account, The Barbie Lookbook.

3. No More Thigh Gap
Mattel started 2016 off with a bang by introducing three new body types for Barbie dolls. Well, classic Barbie hasn’t changed but now she’s got friends who are ‘short’, ‘tall’ and ‘curvy‘. Amen!


4. Kids Love Them
It’s so exciting to see how kids are reacting to the new Barbie dolls. As eight-year-old Lela says, ““They’re funner. These ones look like people that walk down the street.”

5. Super Powers
Forget about Barbie and Ken, check out Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman based on the characters from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


6. The Fashion Model Collection Strikes a Pose
These dolls are strictly for adult collectors unless you’re willing to drop $75 on a kids’ toy. The two latest versions are Classic Camel Coat Barbie and Classic Black Dress Barbie. Aside from being impeccably turned out, what’s really exciting is that these dolls now have bendable torso, knees, wrists and elbows.

7. She Can Kick it in Flats
Barbie is no longer perpetually stuck on her tip-toes. Good timing, since flats are totally on-trend!

8. William Wants a Doll
If you grew up on Free to Be You and Me, you know the song. Well Mattel heard it too and, thanks to designer Jeremy Scott, created a media frenzy when they featured a boy (the first) in the commercial for Moschino Barbie.

9. #SelenaQuintanillaBarbie
This one hasn’t happened yet, but we had to spread the word about a petition on Change.org calling for Mattel to release a Selena Barbie. How awesome would that be?

10. Brandy’s Barbie has an Instagram account.
This is pure throwback genius! Celebrity photographer, Tyren Redd, has created an Instagram account featuring the Brandy Barbie that Mattel created in Moesha’s heyday (that’s 1999 for those who don’t remember it). You have to check out 4everbarbiebrandy to see the awesomeness.