Whether it’s bedhead on the red carpet or beach waves in an urban setting, messy hair is sexy. As effortless as this looks may seem, believe us, it takes strategy and countless products to craft for the majority. The queen of great hairdos, Jennifer Anniston, has boldly pulled off a motley crew of “I-just-roll-out-of-bed-cool” appearances that have gotten her mixed reviews by beauty editors. But we think it’s downright awesome that she likes to have fun and go against the whole sleek and smooth glamour expectations. Nonetheless, if you’re ready to pump up your tousle muscle, be aware that there’s an art (and labor!) to looking artfully disheveled and never sloppy.

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For starters, go easy on the makeup drama because that defeats the whole purpose. For a grungy hair look, use ‘barely there’ makeup with a soft glow on your eyelids, cheeks and mouth. As for the hair, the strategy is to comb it over so there is no visible part. Doing this will add volume and will hide greasiness if you had no time to wash it. Though it might sound a bit haphazard, this ‘barely there’ part is actually a sculpted and wide zig-zag technique. Hairstylist Michael Dueñas told the Refinery 29 editors to begin by prepping the hair with mousse and blow-dry it while combing it through with your fingers. “Then, take a large zig-zag parting on the top of your head, and then quickly smooth out the very top layer of hair,” said Dueñas. He added that using a flatiron will make your bedhead look extra smooth. Then, “spray the hair underneath with a texturizing spray, and finish the whole look with a flexible hold hairspray.”


For long hair with a tousled look, start by taking two –inch-wide sections of hair and spritzing them with a lightweight hairspray. Then blow dry the section using a medium-sized round metal brush. Next, roll the hair up in the brush and blast it with the blow dryer for a few seconds. Twist the brush as you unroll your hair and then wrap the section of hair around your index and middle fingers to create a coil. Secure the coil to your scalp using a duckbill clip and repeat around your head. Let your hair set in pin curls for about fifteen to twenty minutes and remove the clips. Then, gently tousle your hair with your hands to break up the curls, creating that just rolled out of bed looking fabulous look and go have great messy hair day.