If you are ever forced to deal with an emergency situation that comes with unforeseen expenses, that’s when you can turn to your savings account. Perhaps you or someone in your family has medical needs that you weren’t expecting, or you lose your job unexpectedly. Your savings account can help you get through those situations, which is why you need to make sure there are ample funds in that account…and why you shouldn’t use your savings account for that pair of boots or that purse you’ve been dreaming about all season.

Bottom line: the trick to making sure your savings account grows is to ensure that you not only regularly put money into the account, but you also resist the urge to withdraw funds unless you really need to use that money. According to Greg McBride, CFA, and a senior financial analyst for Bankrate, “if you’re going to build your savings, your deposits have to outnumber your withdrawals, not just in number but also in magnitude.”