This week’s Project Runway saw the remaining designers having to create clothing for…gasp!…normal-sized women!

Only nine designers are left and the competition’s getting fiercer. But with last week’s major meltdowns and catfights only a distant memory, everyone’s making breakfast and reminiscing over coffee about those who’ve left.

Heidi greets them on the runway sporting a very smart slicked-down boy ‘do, a very little black dress, and the dreaded button bag. She informs the group that they’ll have to be working with different models for this challenge and ushers in a parade of ‘regular’ guys—much to the designers’ horror. Cut to sidebars of each designer worrying about having to do menswear and/or having to dress people that aren’t pin thin. Oh my!

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The Challenge: It’s women’s wear! The men are here to plan outfits for their wives and based on their descriptions and a set of measurements, the designers will create the perfect ensemble for each woman.

The over-arching theme of this episode seems to be boobs. That’s regular guys for you. Olivier is flustered by having to deal with his husband, and he’s completely bewildered by having to deal with a pair of DDs. His winning quotes of the evening: “We’re left with all the fat people, and that is fine, but not when we’re making clothes,” and “I don’t like women having boobs.” Oh well, he’s young.

And off to Mood (with the husbands in tow) so now almost all of the designers are flustered. Bryce comes back with a lot of hot pink fabric that Viktor describes as the color of “anti-diarrheal medicine.” Bryce hates it too, but the wives are here now and his lady loves pink. He’s despondent and missing his boyfriend….

Viktor’s wife comes in wearing a skirt that is almost identical to the one he’s making for her (and her name is Victoria). So far so good—and eerie. Josh M.’s lady loves simple, simple, simple and will not be talked into any embellishment. As a chronic bedazzler, he’s nervous, but with perfectly sculpted eyebrows intact, he rises to the challenge. Olivier’s couple is busty and overbearing so he’s having a rough go. And Anya’s wife is also gorgeous Asian woman with asymmetric hair, so they’re a match made in heaven.

And after an unusually drama-free workroom, it’s off to the runway.

The lovely Malin Ackerman is our guest judge. All of the wives work it on the runway and really look like they’re having a ball. Viktor/Victoria, Anya, and Josh M. are in the top; Bert, Bryce, and Anthony Ryan are the bottom three.

The judges applaud Viktor’s use of color and great proportions, however they feel his model is over-accessorized. They love Anya’s unusual silhouette, phenomenal print (as always), but they disagree about the one voluminous sleeve. Nina hates it; Heidi loves it. Michael says that Josh M.’s model looks like a modern Grace Kelly and Nina loves that he “managed to keep her comfortable and classic.”

And the winner is…
Josh M.!

The judges agree that Bert’s look is beautifully made but totally boring. In the words of Nina, “It’s a little tight, a little short, and a little shiny.” Anthony Ryan’s dress reminds them of a cheerleading outfit or a cigarette girl—very old lady and unflattering. And Bryce’s is ill fitting, poorly made, and the pockets are strangely ‘ginormous’.

And…Bryce is out. In his exit interview he vows to go home, lock himself in a room listening to Lady Gaga, and sketch and sketch and sketch until he has a genius collection. You go Bryce!


Now that we’re nearing the end, here are all the looks.

Next week is another team challenge—oh no! But good for us, since we all love the drama, right? And here are the teasers. Nina: “I think he looks like Pocahontas.” Tim to Josh M.: “It draws your eyes to the crotch….” Josh M. to Tim: “And you don’t like that?” Looks like a good one!