What makes a good listener or sounding board? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Sounding Board as: “a person or group on whom one tries out an idea or opinion as a means of evaluating it.”  When you use someone as a sounding board, it’s because you want feedback or advice on something you’re doing or considering taking part in. Calvin Coolidge said, “It takes a great man to be a good listener,” and we agree.

While Coolidge may have used the word “man” to mean all people, we’re opting for a more literal take on this one and sharing some insights on what makes a good listener and our 7 reasons why the actual male in your life could be an awesome sounding board.

1. They’re born leaders… at least most of the time.
Traditionally and across most cultures, men are often consulted when an individual or group is making an important decision. Because of this long-standing, cross-cultural norm, men will likely have an opinion on what you’re saying.

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