8. Keep coats and bags out of their way. Servers trip over people’s stuff all the time. Don’t be one of those people! Hang your coat and your bag on the back of your seat or tuck things nicely under the table. Don’t be a safety hazard!

7. Don’t ignore them when they come to take your order. If you aren’t ready yet, just let them know. They’ll feel disrespected and their time will be wasted if you let them stand there while you stare at your menu. So don’t.

6. Don’t make them repeat the specials over and over. They’re tired of saying it before you even ask, so pay attention!

5. Don’t linger at the table if there are people waiting to eat or the restaurant is about to close. Servers make their real money during busy periods so if you’re occupying a table long after you’re done eating, your taking away their chance of getting another tip during their shift. If there are people waiting, move along once you’ve finished your meal and paid your bill. Your waiter will notice and will definitely be grateful.