13. Look at them while they are speaking. Put your phone down, stop your conversation with your dinner date and pay attention to the person standing in front of you, hoping to make your time spent there a positive experience.

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12. Consolidate your requests; don’t make them run back and forth. Even in a small restaurant, servers are exhausted by being on their feet and making trips around the space time and time again during their shift.

11. If there’s something amiss, be pleasant and friendly with your complaint. Or risk getting your food spat upon. Sorry, but it’s true. Always be nice, even, and especially, when something is wrong.

10. Make a point of telling the manager they did a great job. Like in many jobs, waiters may only hear from their managers if they’ve made a mistake. Don’t hesitate to pass along a compliment to the manager and cross your fingers your incredible server is rewarded for being so great to you.

9. Make room for plates as they are being served. Your server probably only has two hands (although think of the tips if he or she had three or four!) so do him or her a favor and make some room for the hot, heavy plates occupying both of those precious hands.