UPDATED May 30th, 2018 

Just when you thought fashion trends like tattoos were the absolute worst thing your baby-faced teenager would be asking you permission or your opinion on, things just got all the more perplexing. Fashion trends from the Mohawk, to blue or hot pink hair, to diamond studs, are no longer the coolest things according to our fashion police on the street.  What is then? Brace yourself. Here go a few teen trends that will cause you to undoubtedly scratch your head. This too shall pass. Repeat.

The first trend spotted was a silly case of mismatched socks.  Different patterns such as one argyle and one polka dot. Or one red sock is worn with a blue one for example. According to The Wall Street Journal, “fashionable tweens and teens favor a jamboree of solids, colors, and patterns on their feet.” While this may totally go against your desire to match everything (your shoes, handbag, belt, etc.) let your child be. Hey, at least those mystery socks that disappeared into the land of nowhere have a whole new purpose again: to make your child feel hip.

Grannies they aren’t, because gray is the new platinum blonde. While you, mom, maybe spending a portion of your paycheck each month to rid yourselves of you unwanted grays, your child, in turn, may be spending precious hard-earned money on trying to get them. It seems this hair trend is the perfect way to be both fresh and jaded by being both young and gray. Oh yeah, mom, and get it right, starlets like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Pink are said to have silver hair, not grandma gray.

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