If you haven’t already done so, you should register to vote now. The election is coming up on Tuesday November 6, and many states require eligible voters to register to vote at least 10 to 30 days before the election. Find out where you stand by visiting Voto Latino to read about voter registration deadlines.

States have different deadlines and different rules to register to vote, so the sooner you register, the less likely you will encounter any problems. Start by contacting your local board of elections or the State Board of Elections. In some instances you can register online, by mail or in person. You will need proof of residency and citizenship, which is usually a valid drivers license or ID from the state you reside in, and/or a social security number.

You may register to vote online using Voto Latino’s Turbovote option, which sends you text messages and e mail reminders so you won’t forget what you need to do on the appropriate date.

If you’re in the U.S. military and serving overseas, go to the Federal Voting Assistance Program site, and you can vote absentee. You can also go to the U.S. government’s voting website for more information.

You will have to update your voter registration, or re-register if you changed addresses, (even within the same county) changed your name, or want to register with a different political party.

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Because of recent attempts by certain Republican Governors and State Legislators, some states like Florida have been trying to purge voter rolls, and in the process, mistakes are made and eligible voters are barred from registering and voting. You need to act now in case there is a problem. If you do have trouble registering or voting, contact your County Supervisor of Elections immediately and try and get the issue resolved. If that doesn’t work, contact your local Republican or Democratic elections office and ask for help. If the problem does not get resolved, contact your local media: TV news station or newspaper and tell them what’s happening to you.

Let your voice be heard: vote! Don’t sit back and complain about U.S. government policies and wish things were different. Every election is your chance to tell the politicians how you feel and what you want from them. Your vote counts. So register now, and vote on November 6.

Voto Latino is a next-generation, constituency based organization that empowers American Latinos to claim a better future by voting. United by the belief that Latino issues are American issues and American issues are Latino issues, Voto Latino is dedicated to bringing new and diverse voices into the political process by engaging youth, media, technology and celebrities to shake up the political process.